Coachings & seminars for private clients

Practical information:

The coachings and theme seminars for private clients take place in a magical place in the middle of nature:
Route de Villarimboud 33, 1553 Châtonnaye (45 Minutes from Lausanne and 20 Minutes from Fribourg)

For information or registration you can:
  • contact Cornelia Roulet
  • call 078/719.17.81 (leave a message).
50% of the price is to be paid at registration, the rest on the spot (Maestro or credit cards available).

crétids photographiques Cornelia Roulet
crédits photographiques Milena Pache

Personalised coachings - one person or a group 

As an individual, couple, family or group of friends (maximum 4-6 people), you can confidently explore the following themes, a personal theme or simply spend some quality time in nature while learning something about yourself:
  • Deepening your connection and communication
  • Developing assertivenessTaking your rightful placeUnlocking a particular situation
  • Learning to appreciate the present moment
  • As a couple or family deepening the relationship and spending quality time together while learning

Group Workshops and Seminars 

The dates for our group seminars are published according to their organization. If you would like to register for a specific topic for which there is no date yet, you can contact me so that I can put you on a waiting list. I start a group from 2 interested people. So don't hesitate to motivate your friends to spend an unforgettable moment around one of these themes. I facilitate in French, English or German. 

Embrace your own beauty (Reclaim your Divine Féminité) a collaboration with Miléna Pache, photographer

Shine through your archetype and let your essence shine through and bring your feminine side into the light. This workshop is for women of all ages and for people who identify with the feminine gender, but also for men who wish to give a more important place to their feminine part.

  • Take a moment to take care of yourself and redefine your real priorities. 
  • Free yourself from external expectations and detach yourself from the judgment of others
  • Focus on your authentic self under the benevolent gaze of the horses, 
  • in interaction with them, as well as through the exchange with the group, define your archetype and incarnate it during the shooting with the professional photographer.

Seminar Cycle Equanimity (dates on request)

Adopt the Equi-Liberty 

Free yourself from beliefs and patterns of thought or behavior that no longer serve you and/or are holding you back.
Affirm your own truths to create the life you desire. If you do this consciously, you will realize how many limits you are setting for yourself and how liberating it is to live by your own values and beliefs rather than by conditioning patterns.

crédits photographiques Milena Pache
crédits photographiques Milena Pache
The Equi-Zen attitude 

Do you want to find your way back to yourself and live fully in the present moment to develop your intuition and be connected to your emotions and feelings? Being present means being in connection with all aspects of your life and above all with your inner self.

Detecting and understanding the information coming from your body, feeling and listening to yourself is the first step to reveal your full potential.

Dare the Yes ! 

How can you realize the project that is close to your heart or simply get off the beaten track and affirm your own truth instead of staying in a conditioning that does not satisfy you? 

The horses will help you to go beyond your limits and dare to take the step to live your authenticity or simply get out of your comfort zone. Other creative personal development methods will also be applied to help you access your resources and unleash all the possibilities.

Route de Villarimboud 33

1553 Châtonnaye